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Romépoto or Romé, is a ceremonial blend of moé (the oldest, grandmother tobacco) and ash from the sacred Samauma tree. Though similar to rapé (sometimes pronounced "ha-pey"), what is most commonly referred to as rapé is a blend of mapacho tobacco and other medicinal ash as well as any or a variety of different herbs including eucalyptus, mint, osha, or caapi. A bit more potent, this ancestral medicine provides immense healing properties and is used to ground, calm the body, relieve pain, clear energy, center / focus the mind, and bring about more overall balance.

Romé / Romépoto - 5 grams

  • The proper instrument or tool used to self administer Romé is called a Txao Txipi (Noke Koin) or Kuripe. These tools can be found available through various artisans online though it is important to be sure your Txao Txipi is the right size for you and that it's angle and seams are well aligned and sealed.

    It is recommended to spend some time cultivating your inner relationship with tobacco prior to beginning a personal practice with Romé. As a medicine like this can become habit forming, it is important that acknowledgement of this and holding intention remain a central part of bringing this medicine into your routine or healing toolkit.

    Depending on circumstance and administration a gram typically offers between 5 and 10 applications.

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