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Mamé is a master Kambo practitioner from Santiago, Chile with over 15 years of experience.  His journey with Kambo medicine began with diving head first into and learning from an indigenous Pajé (Shaman) of the Noke-Koi tribe in the Brazilian Amazon.  This Pajé by the name of Metxo, brought Mamé under his mentorship and for years shared wisdom and experience through ancestral traditions and living medicines including Romé (sacred tobacco), Sananga, Kambo, and Ayahuasca.

After three years of regularly supporting the facilitation of over 100 ayahuasca ceremonies and gaining an additional wealth of knowledge from brothers of the Matsés tribe in Peru, Mamé was entrusted and blessed by Metxo to independently practice and serve Kambo medicine.  Since then Mamé has served Kambo all throughout Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and now in various cities across the US.

"My credentials are the happy people who have received this beautiful medicine through my hands.  The rest are just words."

Kenan began his relationship with Kambo medicine in March of 2017 after meeting Mamé in Costa Rica and being immersed in a several day experience of receiving, assisting, service, and holding space.  With such a life-changing impression made by Kenan's experience with Kambo and Mamé, it became clear that this medicine and it's incredible benefits needed to be made available and more easily accessible to people in North America.  The power and potential Kambo presented to help people transform their lives and move mountains of healing was greatly inspiring.

Through conversation over the course of their time together it was decided that Mamé would travel from Chile to meet with Kenan in the US later that year for a first round of ceremonies in the Southeast.  With the help of a close friend both had also met in Costa Rica, plans materialized to host Mamé in both Asheville, NC and Atlanta, GA.  A successful initiative was activated and Kambo Medicine Tribe was born.  From that point doors continued opening and our tribe grew to include blossoming friendships and healing opportunities across the country.

Kenan now continues an apprenticeship of 5+ years with Mamé and serves Kambo independently in Atlanta between cycles of their medicine work together.

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